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Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Roxy louw found herself doing yoga in costa Rico back in 2007 with the Oakley international surf team as a surfer but it wasn't  until 2014 that the spirit of yoga really grabbed her. 

"I don't know why I didn't take to teaching earlier as there is nothing more rewarding than leading a yoga class and watching the transformation happen. " I get the exact same mind, body, soul connection on my mat that I get when I'm in the water.  She now surfs her energy in the natural ease that she rides the waves.  After deciding to take it a step further and spend 2 months in Thailand where she qualify for her YTCC 200 hours in in all styles of yoga.  She has come to teach a "surf vinyasa flow" that aims at adamant surfers that need cross training or beginners wanting to embrace the surf culture without having to get into the cold water and face the sharks.  She also teaches power yoga and gentle restorative vinyasa. 

Coming from the health background alongside Kauai health food as an ambassador and the original face, Roxy has now started her own company embracing this lifestyle "greenleafvitality" where she host retreats, corporate yoga events, boot camps, workshops, surf & yoga retreats and is soon to launch a studio in the up and coming months in the cape wine lands. 

Also having qualified as reiki healer and nutritional therapist after dealing with her father, ex rugby player Rob louw's battle with cancer. Roxy found her calling and love for healing. 

She believes healing happens when the correct elements are in place. 

This is the base of all her retreats where she combines juice, yoga, hikes and wholesome vegetarian food in a relaxed environment over pop up weekends.

You can Find roxy on @roxylouw or @greenleafvitality on instagram for her latest where abouts. 

Also keep an eye out for the exciting green leaf studio opening in the western cape wine lands soon.


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