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Waiting for the Waves



  • Voted FHM 100 sexiest woman in the world 2010.

  • Sports Illustrated swimwear.

  • A prominent Woolworths icon. She graced the buildings, billboards, in-store, and booklets nationwide.

  • Face and marketing adviser for KAUAI health food.

  • The face of Oakley international. Appearing on billboards, commercials, in-store, catalogues, and trucks worldwide.

  • Roxy features on the covers of many magazines including SHAPE, FHM, DEKAT, ROOI ROSE, PULSE, FIT LIFE, WELLNESS MAGAZINE, GET IT.

  • Surfed as a team rider for “Oakley International” based in California.

  • Cast as Acapulco Goldie in the “Universal Pictures” film “blue crush 2”.

  • Cast in the movie,“ The perfect wave” alongside Scott Eastwood and Cheryl Lad.

  • Presented for Pasella TV.

  • Featured in Commercials for Vodacom, Cell C, Nashua Mobile, Wrigley’s International, FHM, Woolworths, and KAUAI among many more.

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Roxy Louw cover fitlife

Roxy Louw is a South African DJ and electronic music producer known for her energetic and hard-hitting performances. Born and raised in Cape Town, Roxy grew up surrounded by the ocean which led her to a successful career as a professional surfer, where she challenged stereotypes and broke barriers in a once male-dominated sport.

As her passion for music grew, Roxy transitioned from the waves to the stage, bringing the same determination and courage that had driven her surfing career. Embracing her unique sound and style, Roxy quickly gained recognition for her electrifying performances and her ability to captivate audiences with her hard-hitting beats and powerful lyrics.

Roxy's debut single, "Set Me Free," showcases her skill as a producer and her talent for crafting impactful lyrics, offering listeners a glimpse into her world and the emotions she conveys through her music. The song is a testament to Roxy's fearless approach to life, representing her willingness to break free from constraints and challenge the status quo.

Throughout her career, Roxy has never shied away from taking on new challenges. She has used her platform to inspire others, empowering women to pursue their dreams and break boundaries in their chosen fields.

Roxy Louw's journey is a true testament to her resilience, passion, and determination. As she continues to break barriers and redefine herself in the world of electronic music, fans eagerly await the next chapter in her inspiring story.

Roxy Louw limited edition Renault car

Brands Roxy has worked with:

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