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Waiting for the Waves



  • Voted FHM 100 sexiest woman in the world 2010.

  • Sports Illustrated swimwear.

  • A prominent Woolworths icon. She graced the buildings, billboards, in-store, and booklets nationwide.

  • Face and marketing adviser for KAUAI health food.

  • The face of Oakley international. Appearing on billboards, commercials, in-store, catalogues, and trucks worldwide.

  • Roxy features on the covers of many magazines including SHAPE, FHM, DEKAT, ROOI ROSE, PULSE, FIT LIFE, WELLNESS MAGAZINE, GET IT.

  • Surfed as a team rider for “Oakley International” based in California.

  • Cast as Acapulco Goldie in the “Universal Pictures” film “blue crush 2”.

  • Cast in the movie,“ The perfect wave” alongside Scott Eastwood and Cheryl Lad.

  • Presented for Pasella TV.

  • Featured in Commercials for Vodacom, Cell C, Nashua Mobile, Wrigley’s International, FHM, Woolworths, and KAUAI among many more.

Roxy louw surfer
Roxy and Rob Louw

Being the daughter of Springbok rugby legend Rob Louw, Roxy learned from a very young age what being competitive truly meant and the importance of letting your internal voice guide you. "For a long time the dream was to play hockey for my country but as I fell more in love with surfing that dream began to change". Roxy was playing for Western Province when she decided to quit hockey and pursue surfing full time. "You would think it was a tough decision but it really wasn't, I felt more like me when I was surfing over anything else I was doing".

At the age of 17 Roxy's surfing talents were recognised by Oakley where she became a team rider for Oakley international. However, it was a chance photo taken by the team photographer that lead Roxy to become the face of Oakley's international campaigns and catapult her into the modelling world. "At the time I was so focused on surfing I never really considered doing anything else but when the opportunity came, I wanted to make sure I made the most of it". And, make the most of it she did. Voted sexiest woman in the world by FHM in 2010 and finding herself in the pages of Sports Illustrated, Roxy was capitalising on every chance she was given - and even creating her own. "I began approaching different brands to create ambassador opportunities, the one I'm most proud of is Kauai". Renault even named a car after her!

As Roxy's modeling experience soon became marketing and business, she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit. "It was like discovering a new game, and I loved it. I had the best marketing education being able to sit in on meetings at Oakley from the age of 17, I really couldn't wait to build my own business". But, wait she had to. Not only were her modeling commitments and brand ambassador duties growing exponentially, she now found herself playing a role in the Universal Pictures film Blue Crush 2. "I was cast as Acapulco Goldie. It was such a fun role. She was such a free spirit which I totally related to". This role lead her to being cast in The Perfect Wave alongside Scott Eastwood and Cheryl Lad. Following that, Roxy took to music and DJed roadshows across South Africa.

Roxy Louw limited edition Renault car
Roxy Louw cover fitlife

It was in 2016 that Roxy was looking for a new challenge. "I was happy with what I had achieved in surfing, modeling, and acting but I was hungry for more, I was hungry for different". That's when that internal voice of hers lead her to Thailand, where she began training as a yoga instructor. "I first did yoga in 2007 with the Oakley team in Costa Rica and fell in love with it instantly. It gave me the same mind, body, and soul connection I got when I was in the water. It may have been 10 years later but I now had the opportunity to pursue yoga". Roxy was now growing two seeds that had been planted many years ago - yoga and entrepreneurship.

In 2017 Roxy founded Greenleaf Vitality, a business dedicated to a healthy mind, body, and soul. Specializing in yoga as well as general health and well-being focusing on making health and well-being accessible to everyone by hosting yoga retreats, corporate yoga , workshops as well as surf/yoga retreats. 

It is now 2022 and Roxy is back in the entertainment industry, you can find her behind the decks or on TV for Tropika island of treasure All stars which airs in September 2022 on SABC 3.

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