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Roxy Louw Thailand �Sawadeekap� This was my greeting on arrival in Thailand. What a bunch of beautiful people of tranquil nature; So enchanted by the Thai spirit! I feel at peace immediately in Asia.

But besides the beautiful greetings and terrible jet lag, Thailand? Why again?? My 25th birthday! Travel! Explore, Massage, THAI FOOD, Shopping, and of course WORK, WORK, SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT! Literally.

I arrived in Thailand and immediately started scouting for a location, on my hired scooter, to shoot the new Grrana energy campaign, for my sponsored clients, �Grrana energy� and my fitness DVD!

It does help having a boyfriend as a photographer!

EXCITED!!! But first, MASSAGE to ease our jet lags. Great for couples! Thai massages are a MUST on a travel to Thailand!!!!!!!!

All the passion in writing my Blog, I'm already missing Thailand! And I am already looking at travel deals to head back in the near future...

I spent enough time on the Internet, on my arrival in Koh Samui (which is very slow and very bad), to find a small Island that I think would be perfect for the shoot.

I found a beautiful small island off Koh Samui called Koh Tao (Island of the turtle).
It was a rough 2 h 30 min transfer on a �FAST BOAT� past the famous party island of Koh Phangan.

For the party animals, our boat was packed with tourist for the Full Moon party on Koh Phangan. All this to experience this famous Thai event, on detour en route to Koh Tao.

We skipped out on this full moon party and choose the quiet island holiday to shoot and relax.

When, or if you go to Koh Tao, make sure that u don�t miss out on a pancake from a local called �ALI� outside the 7/11. He makes the best roti pancakes, and do try a Chang beer.

We end up shooting one of the best photo shoots and nail my workouts in the Thai humidity�

We got some snorkeling/diving in, which is magnificent on KOH TAO!
A very popular activity on the Island is the diving courses that all the resorts offer.

We took some great pics on my NikonAW100 underwater camera. Also attached in the sneak pic....
Ps. I returned to a beautiful Birthday party thrown by Mainstay, in the company of great friends and family. I am truly BLESSED!

Hang on tight, we are very close to launching the DVD!!!!!! .


Big hugs

Roxy louw
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