I was born in Cape Town, South Africa on June 9th 1987. Very proud to say that my dad is Rob Louw, Ex rugby legend. I spent an amazing 8th year of my life in Italy which opened my eyes to the European culture and played a great role in my steps toward adulthood. Roxy Louw OakleyThe modelling started when I stopped playing provincial hockey and took up competitive surfing. It was with surfing that I got spotted by Seth Hulley (ex pro surfer) at the age of 17 and signed up with Oakley America as a team rider. In that year I found myself travelling on a surf trip to Fernando de Narona, an island off Brazil. On that trip a photo was taken at random looking at the waves which became the internationally Oakley Campaign for the year. From there my modelling career hay wired and I have been travelling for Oakley since for their campaigns on varies shoots. Again to Brazil, Costa Rico, Bali, California, and Hawaii.

Roxy Louw OakleyI was lucky to also shoot with Sports illustrated swimwear edition in the Maldives. Billboard for Woolworths and KAUAI health food. I have been on various TV commercial shoots such as Woolworths, Kauai, Oakley, Vodacom, Nashua Mobile and also travelled with fhm Calendar to Madagascar. I love travelling, my mind sponges every bit of information on my travels and all the vast cultures and people on my travels touch me on every trip! I have been blessed to have graced the covers of many magazines too. I was selected as “Fhm 100th edition golden girl”. Winning the “fhm 100 sexiest woman” in the world has opened even more doors for me. Roxy Louw ModelI am presently slowly moving into the Television and movie industry and am lucky to have worked with Universal Pictures on a film shot here in South Africa. What an amazing experience and fun!

I don’t have a specific philosophy on life but I say “live life to the fullest and chase all those fears! Challenge them! They only make you grow stronger ;)” I live life like I surf my waves, sometimes there are none and sometimes it is cooking. You can’t plan; you just have to go with where the wind takes you. In my case, God is my wind and the less I worry, the better corners I get blown into.

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